Fever Dreams of the First Six Months

So, inevitably I caught some kind of bug as my autumn term is wrapping up. I’ve been mulling over my penultimate offering before I fly back to the motherland, but I feel a bit feverish and ill-equipped for prose. So I thought I’d give you some weird poetry instead, based on some of my favourite photographs of my time in Japan. Haiku, naturally.

Hozen-ji statues


Mossy mannequin,

Reaper of all dirty prayers.

Coin-collecting god.




Tot me with the birds;

I’ve an eye for island lairs,

Endless migrations.




My Diogenes

Is a fisherman, and lives

In a sake pot.





Soft erasing fog

We were never here at all




Umeda view II.JPG


Sleepy grey sunlight

Pans across a cityscape

Adjust composure.


Lanterns for peace VI.JPG


All wayward beacons

Being considered, we lit

Another lantern.

Eerie subway.JPG



Silent camera

Swivels askance to surveil

A silent city




Babel recurring

Mobile masts claw up like spires

Into heavens’ reach.


Platform shrine, Futabayama


On a stone dais-

Centuries unfold below;

We will wait them out.


Transcendence at Kinko-Inari.JPG




Torii connect worlds,

Hugger-mugger vermillion

Universe cluster.






Home is a harbour.

But you’re seaward bound again,

Tires on your hull.


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