It Begins.

I’ve always been firmly of the opinion that too many people blog, for a weird and specific reason- namely, I’m a bit of a history geek. Historians often gripe about the lack of artefacts or sources for much of our under-recorded history, but I often think modern historians are the lucky ones. The social historian of the future will have so much documentation and debris to parse through that they will be hopelessly lost in it all, adrift in a boundless sea of magazines and opinion columns and tweets and memes and Youtube lifestyle guru channels… and blogs. All narratives will be possible. Getting a coherent sense of what people were like in 2018 will be damn near futile.

Having said that, I’m going to Japan and I really am quite excited about it. So on the off-chance that I do become famous in the future and these words are pored over by some bored biographer on a tight deadline, I’m sorry.

Anyway, this is going to be my report of Japan as I find it. It will mostly comprise the usual observations of daily life, work, travel and food, but I will probably post the odd piece of poetry and creative writing. I don’t have too much more to say right now, but these are a few ground rules:

  1. I will write at least something weekly, except in exceptional circumstances, even if the length of articles ebbs and flows.
  2. I will try and publish on a Sunday night, if this proves practical, so you’ve got something to read with bleary eyes over your Monday morning cornflakes.
  3. I will try to remember that for every thing I think is weird as hell about Japanese culture, there is an equally weird aspect of life in England, and will avoid Orientalism as much as I can.
  4. I will not post about every single delicious food I eat, tempting though it is.
  5. I will be honest about the ups and downs of my time in Japan.

Nothing much else to say at this point. Catch you all on Sunday, if Wi-fi permits.

Peace and Love,

‘I obviously didn’t say this and I don’t understand why anybody would pretend that I did.’ — Bret Easton Ellis


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